Reggio Emilia

Quattro Castelli, adjoining park and wooded agricultural appurtenances (Quattro Castelli, parco annesso e pertinenze agricolo boschive)

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Other denominations

Quattro Castelli, parco annesso e pertinenze agricolo boschive/ Castello di Bianello/ Complesso Quattro Castelli/ Torre di Monte Vetro/ Torre di Monte Lucio/ Torre di Monte Zano

D'Este's People

Niccolò III


The name Quattro Castella evokes the existence of a large military complex consisting of four forts built on four hilltops in the foothills of Reggio, namely Monte Vetro, Monte Lucio, Monte Zane and Monte Bianello. Only on the summit of the latter does a fortress still stand in a good state of preservation.

The castle complex, closely linked to the events of the noble Canossa family, took shape from a watchtower probably built in the 10th to 11th centuries. Several buildings were erected around the keep to enclose ​​an inner courtyard. The northern side of the complex, which has a convex footprint, shows the clearest signs of various phases of construction, the oldest probably being the central part where traces of a mullioned window can be found. The northern side also extends to the west of the keep through a wing built in more recent times. On the western side, as well as being able to admire the size of the tower from the base to the roof, you can see the ogival portal formed of stone ashlars. The 17th- to 18th-century transformations seem to have left their most significant traces in the arrangement of the interior spaces, the monumental staircase, the chapel and the pictorial decorations.


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